Antonio Felice La Montagna was born in  Udine on february 25,1960.


Lecturer in Chemical Analysis and appassionate about interior design, he develops an accurate passion for trasparent material: first glass, then plexiglass. Creates luminous object by combining trasparent shapes and colors vivacious.

Resercher and deep observer of the surrounding world, he developes a personal way of conceiving his own "creations".

He intuits and carefully studies the inner strength of the enhanced and colorel light when it passes through the panted plexiglas. The research, the continuous  study of forms, shift the interest towards a material that ino longer stransparent but just as malleable stone.

The approach of sculpture is valid for both materials : thus the union between two apparently different materials such as Stone and Plexiglas is born. Natural stone and artificial plexiglas have cammon roots, the latter in fact derives from  petroleum.

Nothing new if we think of the latin word petroleum, or stone oil... from this union it develops the artistic message,that is, enbracing metaphysical artistic concepts and aspects of awareness in the broadest and deepest sense of the term. Same feeling we feeel for the beauty present in this blu dot of the universe, where we are part of the whole by pursuing a cammon purpose: life!

Since 2009 he has exhibited his works in art galleries and cultural meeting places, with peronal exibitions and numerous group exibitions.

Since 2016 he has shifted research towards installations to involve spectators in suggestive setting where the works can exercise profound reflections on the meaning of life.

From 2019 she becomes a pupil of Elena Faleschini Decorato Master of sculpture on stone, creating works in stone assembled with plexiglass with unique and spectacular effects.

In 2021 as a sculptor, he participates in the 24th internat sculpture Siymposium of friuli Venezia Giulia where he creates a monumental work in marble whith plexiglas inserts entitled "Evolution".

In 2022 execution of statuary sculpture in Marble Lipiz Unito title "Maravee" ( wonderful) in Honour Ing. Marco Fantoni - Osoppo (UD)

In 2023 espositions in Venice in Spazio San Vidal - Marble and Plexiglass sculptures  


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