Antonio Felice La Montagna was born in  Udine on february 25,1960.

Artist, researcher and profound observer, he enters the world of art creations out of passion and interest through design and furnishings which lead him to the creation of glass and plexglass sculptures.

Trasparencies and colors combined with light allow him to tell the poetics of beauty of human being who inhabit the places of surrounding universe.

Does matter exist without intention?... that is, without the breath ofexistence that we call spirit?.

Questions and introspections are a reason for deepening and inner growth.

He develops his own poetics by linking in the Philosophy of life and Metaphysics.

The  spirit precedes matter itself: Therefore everything that exists....and all of humaity is imbued with it.

Is there a diference between "inanimate" matter and living beings?....and between stone and plexiglass, for example?

It's curious how the Latin gave the name to petroleum "stone oil"...

Natural elements have common roots, in fact they derive from a few simple materials.... just think of the composition of the universe....

..then even marble or stone can dialogue with plexiglass in the relationships between solids and voids...colors and light...and give the possibility for a dialouge with the observe on appaently uncommon themes.

The in-depth study of this last creative aspect, stone and plexiglass, is the door to continuous esperimenttation from wich new signdrawings ans sketches are born for the creation of works, both small and monumental.

The exsperience in sculpture symposiums and participation in international prizes push him to produce projects with new forms, in line with the thoughtsthat deeply animate him.

Enrolling  sculpture  at the Academy of Fine Art of Venice at mature age is an important step for deeping ane's study but also for refining thougts and reflections, useful for creation of new and unpublished sculptural work.



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